Saturday, January 25, 2014

Paul Krugman on Writing

Here is a very good passage from Pop Internationalism (1996) by Paul Krugman, which I think is a useful guide for any economist who wants to write for a popular audience (Click on the photo to read it more clearly):

He also offers this advice in his essay "Ricardo's Difficult Idea" (You can read his full explanation in the essay itself.):

1) "Take ignorance seriously."
2) "Adopt the stance of rebel."
3) "Don't take simple things for granted."
4) "Justify modeling."

I'm taking international trade theory this semester and learning a lot already. If you're interested in international trade, here are a few readings I recommend from the course syllabus:

International Economics: Theory and Policy, by Paul Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld, and Marc Melitz

"What Do Undergrads Need To Know About Trade?" by Paul Krugman (link here) (also in Pop Internationalism)

"Ricardo's Difficult Idea," by Paul Krugman (link here)

"Where Ricardo and Mill Rebut and Confirm Arguments of Mainstream Economists Supporting Globalization," by Paul Samuelson (2004) (link here)

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